European Iokai Shiatsu Association

A training to a high quality practice of shiatsu, a traditional Japanese method of prevention and healthcare


The European Iokaï Shiatsu Association  (EISA), based in Geneva, Switzerland, brings together the national associations of Iokaï Shiatsu schools in seven European countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

 The training courses offered by the various Iokaï Shiatsu schools in Europe are organized according to the same structure and in the same spirit . Kazunori Sasaki Sensei, a disciple of Masunaga – founder of Iokaï Shiatsu – is President of EISA and teaches in the European Iokaï schools belonging to EISA.

 Iokaï Shiatsu, or Iokaï Meridian Shiatsu®, is the only shiatsu training program to be offered in several countries in a coordinated, uniform manner.

Organization and mission

The European Iokai Shiatsu Association is the federation of national Iokai Shiatsu associations in Europe.

EISA is made up of a committee whose members are the delegates of the national IOKAI SHIATSU associations appointed by their committees, as well as the President of the European Iokai Academy, Kazunori Sasaki Sensei.


Promotion and support

The promotion and support in Europe of high-quality training in the practice of shiatsu (traditional Japanese method of prevention and treatment by finger pressure on the meridians) in accordance with the principles and teachings of Master Shizuto MASUNAGA


To coordinate the efforts of existing and emerging national associations and IOKAI SHIATSU teachers in Europe towards the same goals.

Competences and activities of EISA

  • It defines and improves quality standards for Iokai training in Europe.

  • It ensures the training and continuing education of teachers by harmonizing the teaching content adapted to national needs in each country, while ensuring that students can pursue their studies at international level within the network of IOkAI-SHIATSU schools. It sets admission criteria for teachers and coordinates the organization of training courses for European Iokai Shiatsu teachers.

  •  Successful completion of the four-year Iokai Shiatsu professional training course entitles the trainee to the international EISA certificate.

  • It ensures and improves the quality of Shiatsu treatments by setting guidelines for the ongoing training of practitioners. Meetings and training courses for Iokai Shiatsu-certified therapists are organized at international level.

  • It mediates in internal conflicts and publishes the code of conduct for Iokai Shiatsu practitioners.

  • As depositary and owner of the Iokai trademark, it has an effective tool at its disposal to guarantee the quality of IOKAI Meridian Shiatsu: only where “Iokai” is found can “Iokai” be written on it.

 Excerpt from the EISA Statutes : 

Committee organization and powers. This European committee ensures the proper dissemination of information between national associations and IOKAI SHIATSU teachers in different countries.Through its recommendations, it coordinates the efforts of national associations and IOKAI-SHIATSU teachers to achieve their objectives.

  • It harmonizes the policies of national IOKAI SHIATSU associations with regard to promotion and recognition by medical insurance companies and administrative authorities in each country.
  • It recommends teaching standards to IOKAI-SHIATSU associations and teachers.
  • It provides the “Académie d’Europe Iokai Shiatsu” with appropriate support in drawing up certificate examination syllabuses, selecting suitable students to take them, and organizing the practical aspects of these examinations.
  • It draws up the code of ethics to which certified IOKAI-SHIATSU practitioners and IOKAI SHIATSU teachers are bound, to guide their professional activity, protect their clients and students, and preserve the spiritual values that animate AISE.

History of Iokai shiatsu

Shiatsu is essentially a technique of stable, continuous pressure – derived from traditional Anma* – exerted with the fingers or hands on the meridians or acupuncture points of the meridians, aimed at preventing or repairing organic dysfunctions by rebalancing the Energy or Ki.


« A training to a high quality practice of shiatsu,
a traditional Japanese method of prevention and healthcare

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