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Presentation of the European Iokai Shiatsu Association for certified practicioners 


EISA is in charge of examinations and administrative follow-up for Iokaï certification. Its committee is made up of Kazunori Sasaki Sensei, and delegates from each European Iokai association/school. Liza Krivine is in charge of administration.

The head office is in Switzerland.

EISA matters concerning you:

  • sending examination fees (examination fee, certificate fee
  • questions or requests concerning the use of the logo
  • certification-related documents: code of ethics, agreement
  • dispatch of certification booklet
  • attestation of completion of training, pending delivery of diploma.


To contact us:

+41 79 784 48 84 Liza Krivine, administration



Practitioners’ courses

These seminars are organized within the European Iokaï schools. As part of their ongoing training, Iokai-certified practitioners are invited, after at least 3 years of professional practice, to attend an annual seminar led by Kazunori Sasaki Senseï.

These courses reinforce knowledge of practical applications in professional situations, and deepen theoretical understanding, through the explanation of ancient texts, and collegial research on clinical cases.

  • Links:

OTHER TRAININGS – EXPERTS – Iokai Paris Shiatsu School École de Shiatsu Iokaï Paris (

  • Practicioners workshop in Marseille

with Thierry Camagie. Dates : 28-30 June 2024.

Taught in French.

Applications :

link to workshops:

Teachers’ trainings

Each year a course is organized for Iokai teachers, alternating between Level 1 and Level 2+3.

One of the European Iokai Shiatsu schools takes it in turns to host and organize these courses, which are attended by teachers from all over Europe.

These trainings are taught by Kazunori Sasaki Sensei.

 Information about these courses is communicated to teachers by the school in which they teach.

Next seminar: Morocco, 29 April – 6 May 2024.


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