Iokai Shiatsu Europe training

A training to a high quality practice of shiatsu, a traditional Japanese method of healthcare

All European Iokai Shiatsu schools organize their training programs in the same way and in the same spirit.

EISA ensures the quality and uniformity of its courses.

NB: some variations may exist, depending on the specific requirements of each country. Please contact your national school for details.

Formation par année
Formation par année

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The practice of Do-In

“Another specificity of Iokai Shiatsu training consists in the regular practice of “Do-In” (Health care exercises), which is an inherent and unalterable part of the complete Iokai Shiatsu training scheme.

Every day of classes starts with (at least) an hour of exercises. Do-In is a traditional Japanese way of self-care. By practicing Do-In at Iokai Shiatsu schools we get a new approach to our body and increase the perception of energetical processes which is the base of working with meridians.

“DO”: open passages to promote the circulation of vital ki ;

“IN “: move and extend the body and its joints to this end.

DO IN exercises are designed to re-establish a harmonious circulation of “ki”. They include breathing techniques to calm the mind and body movements such as percussion, pressure or friction.

Breath and movement are simultaneous and coordinated. The exercise becomes effective when the accompanying breathing becomes natural. And this goal is achieved through repetition.

It’s not a matter of consciously controlling the breath, but of releasing the tensions that impede the propagation of “ki” through all the joints and meridians of the body. Breathing then fully plays its vital regulatory role in our relationship with the environment.

The meridian system probably originated from exercise (DO IN), which involves experiencing the movement of Ki throughout the body… In Japan, mastery of a discipline is called Kokyu o nomikomu, which means: bringing the breath down.’ Shizuto Masunaga

DO IN is an easily accessible, risk-free practice, suitable for all ages, for greater relaxation and development of the body’s capacities for flexibility and self-awareness.

« A training to a high quality practice of shiatsu,
a traditional Japanese method of prevention and healthcare

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